January 17, 2017

This exhibition at the Benaki rather impressed me. The works by Bokoros are exquisitely and meticulously executed, revealing the artist's astonishing skill.


I enjoyed seeing how Bokoros uses texture as he paints on materials such as silk and layered textiles as well as wood, creating quite a seductive effect. His realism in painting is juxtaposed with realism in materials - all on a 1:1 scale, creating an alluring optical illusion effect. Suddenly these placements and compositions mean we are looking at objects on a table, through a window or on a tablecloth (to name a few examples). He captures a flickering candle, a star filled sky, the fragility of a flower petal, a crumbly slice of bread and the glow of human flesh with immense mastery.


Regarding the exhibition design I loved the use of projected light on the works which created a powerful glowing effect on the illuminated area encapsulating one in an celestial atmosphere as you wondered from piece to piece. 



























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March 20, 2019

January 17, 2019

December 20, 2018

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