May 15, 2020

Metadrasi kindly thanked me for the reusable cotton masks I made for them, on their social media with the following post:


ΜΕΤΑδραση - METAdrasi


May 15 at 4:17 PM · 


In April and while the strict measures of the lockdown against the pandemic had entered into force, we received an unexpected call from Eleni Kyriacou, one of our volunteers. Eleni is a fashion designer and having already volunteered at METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facility in Samos, her first thought was what she could do to help protect the unaccompanied children. So, she made 200 cotton masks for multiple use and she delivered them to us straight away. Then, we distributed these masks we to all the children of our accommodation facilities and to the unaccompanied teenagers living in the apartments of Supported Independent Living.


We got into a little bit of trouble until we taught to all the children the proper use of the mask, how they should wear it, hold it by the rubbers cords always with clean hands, how we wash it at 60 degrees after each use and of course when we wear it and why. But in the end everything went well and now all our children have become experts! They always have a mask with them and wear it wherever and whenever they should.


We would like to thank Eleni for this great help she gave us with her kind sponsorship.


#CoronaVirus #Covid19 #action4migration #UnaccompaniedChildren #SafeHand4EveryChild #together4solidarity #volunteer





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