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Eleni Kyriacou was interviewed by Dan Williams for CCTV at the dress rehearsal of The Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony, Ancient Olympia on the 20/04/16.



Spoken Language: English

The Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony held on the 21/04/16 received global televised news coverage. Here is one example from RT that shows the full lighting and dance ritual. 



Spoken Language: Greek and English



Beautiful BBC synopsis of The Rio 2016 Oympic Torch Lighting Ceremony held in Ancient Olympia on the 21/04/16.

The official Olympic Channel synopsis of The Rio 2016 Olympic Handover Ceremony held in The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens on the 27/04/16.

Eleni Kyriacou was interviewed for Kali sas Mera on PIK Channel, Cyprus. She was interviewed whist exhibiting her collection The Northern Lights Siren at Gallery K, Nicosia.



Spoken Language: Greek

Eleni Kyriacou was interviewed for the series Fashion Folk which was broadcast in over 50 countries on various channels including Sky Arts Channel. She was interviewed at Athens Xclusive Designers Week SS13.  The following is a teaser from the episode.


Spoken Language: English



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