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Women as Treasure is the first ready-to-wear collection by Eleni Kyriacou.


This debut collection draws inspiration from archaeology. The collection follows the concept of the archaeological process of excavation and discovery. It is directly inspired by photographs of two archaeological sites in Athens, Greece. The first depicts the archaeological process in plan and the second in section, giving two different senses of how historical layers are depicted and the moment when discovery occurs. 


Fragments and layers of buildings, roads, tombs, amphoras and so on inspire a collage like way of designing, using contrasting textures, layering of fabrics, transparencies and draping. Silks of varying textures, metallics, foiled leather, suede, tulle and cotton are used to express this.The colour pallette of the collection is directly inspired by the photographs. 


The looks follow the archaeological process of discovery where initially the concept is the  excavation of a woman where the woman is unearthed, like an archaeological excavation at the early stages of discovery, revealing her in parts. Draped silk, contrasted with rough textures are used to express the contrast between earth removed and the organic and rough forms and structures that are revealed, creating the sense of a core being revealed on the female form. 


Then looks evolve as the archaeological process does, into treasure emerging. Here the woman is treasure emerging  and the dresses start to reveal her, her flesh begins to be uncovered through transparencies and glimmering metallic fabrics.


The final looks manifest the woman as treasure where the ultimate stage of the archaeological process has taken place: discovery. Here draping is used again, this time with metallic fabrics.


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