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The Amphipolis Muse is inspired by Greece’s extraordinary archaeological discoveries in 2014 of the possible intended tomb of Alexander The Great. The collection was designed at a unique point in time where excavations are still underway and the unravelling of Kasta Hill continues, riddled with questions and enigma. What is unequivocal however is the magic it has instilled in the hearts of lovers of history, art and culture, and its powerful captivation over our imaginations. The tomb for me inspires a monumental sense of femininity, grandeur, royalty, splendour, religion and spirituality. The tomb has taken us on a journey back to a civilisation marked by ruthless monarchies, military genius, global conquests, ritualism and superstition. Whilst also representing one of the most refined, accomplished and progressive people in history. The tomb feels just like this for me: sensitive, beautiful, yet dark and mysterious all at once. It is this enchanting mood that I have tried to capture.


The central collection concept is Woman as Sphinx. I have explored this amalgamation of beast and goddess. I have developed a knit that represents a beastly skin; it could be the fur of a lion or the feathers of an eagle’s wing. This collaging between the knit and more ‘majestic’ materials plays with the beast versus goddess sides of a woman. I have also explored the idea of fragmented or broken treasure by collating ‘Shards’ of fabrics. The collection has also been inspired by other sculptural and architectural features, such as The Caryatids and The Doors of the tomb.



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