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The Crystal Nymph draws inspiration from the formation of snowflakes. The collection is inspired by the mesmerizing way that snowflakes form, each being unique but always having a six fold symmetry. As each snowflake forms, it extends and changes shape starting from a central point until it reaches its full shape.


This collection is directly inspired by the delicacy, translucent quality, changing forms and colour of snowflakes, using layering of white, ivory, nude and iridescent habotai, organza, satin and tulle silks. A dotted tulle is also used referring to the appearance of snowflakes to the naked eye, playing with scale. Geometric linear and curved forms refer to the macro snowflake forms. Lace appliqué is used to create snowflake like details. Binding is also used to highlight the edges of the translucent fabrics, again drawing from the concept.


The collection is designed to be ‘mix and match’, in that vests have been designed to go under the dresses but can be swapped by the wearer creating a number of configurations. By alternating vests under the dresses the wearer alters detailing of the neckline and sleeves adjusting the overall look as desired.


The Crystal Nymph was launched in October 2012 at Athens Xclusive Designer’s Week for Spring Summer 2013 ready to wear.

Formation of snowflakes from: Frozen Planet: End of Earth

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