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In 2019 I was commissioned by Los Angeles based singer song-writer Ethan Gold to develop an image and costume that was set to launch his new album VYPRZ in 2020. Obviously the global pandemic has changed the timetable for the launch of this album and its live performances where the costume was set to play a central role.I developed the costume with Ethan via remote discussion, where we shared ideas and developed designs. Ethan shared design concepts he had in mind, and most importantly he shared his album with me, which I listened to whilst designing. The music directly guided the creative process.

Graphic by Ethan Gold

Ethan is a versatile ever changing artist who has turned his hand at many musical genres. VYPRZ is an album of dreamy, other worldly, emotional electronic songs. I therefore felt the design needed to be very contemporary but touching on the idea of Ethan himself being other-worldly. The costume embraces the ‘V’ from the title of the album in an almost abstract, deconstructed, sculpted manner as a harness going over the rest of the costume. This was first developed in paper and then into a textile.

The head piece was a central feature for Ethan as he wanted to be able to take on alternate personas, but additionally he was profoundly influenced by tribal art and Egyptian art where head pieces often expressing an imitation of the natural world and of beastlike imagined creatures are dominant.


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