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Pele: The Volcano Goddess draws inspiration from lava. Inspired by its fiery, metallic colours and textures and by its ember-like state as it cools from molten liquid lava to a solid state. The collection also draws from the contrast between these two states from the glowing orange, red and gold material it starts as, to the dark, silver/grey, black tar like material it becomes. In this transitional process lava can be seen seeping through cracks, folding over like waves that solidify, spreading itself thinly, falling like waterfalls of fire, glowing in drips and bulges or running in pools. The colour palette, use of textiles and form in this collection is directly inspired by images of lava. 


By applying the concept of lava to womenswear, the collection has been named after the Goddess Pele, the Goddess of the volcano and of fire. Pele is believed in Hawaiian legend to have the power to activate a volcanic eruption and to calm it. This collection addresses the slightly more empowered contemporary woman who can share Pele's fiery core.

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