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In 2016 I travelled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia via UBELONG and stayed in an international volunteers' accommodation called Star House. The purpose of my trip was to volunteer for an NGO working with one of the poorest slum communities in Phnom Penh. The NGO had funded a small property near the slum which accommodated a classroom for teaching children English and a studio space for women of the community (mostly mothers) to be able to produce craft products to sell to markets and internationally, therefore generating an income. This creative project already existed as a line and was called Stellar. However the team was running short of ideas and was delighted to have a volunteer who was a designer to help. I was shown rice bags which are a low cost product and asked to think of ideas for products where the rice bag could be used as a primary material. I was inspired by the material that had paper-like attributes in how it behaved and decided to create a collection of fans. I created 10 designs in total. I tried to keep the designs quite simple so that they could be produced without too much difficulty.

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