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  • Eleni Kyriacou


I very much enjoyed my visit to New York, for a sit down week discussing The Bacchae at SITI company. This 2018 take on the tragedy directed by Anne Bogart is to be produced by The Getty Museum and will be launched at The Getty Villa in the late summer. It was a great honour to listen to the original and translated text by Euripides being discussed, analysed and interpreted by the likes of Helene Foley, Adrian Poochigan, Norm Frisch, Anne Bogart, Darron West, Ellen Lauren and so on.

It was also very exciting meeting the creative team from BAM including photographer Julieta Cervantes who visited the studios at SITI company while I was there to photograph actors from SITI in costumes I had designed for The Bacchae, to be used for their season's brochure. The actors improvised and interacted in the pieces to create some very interesting and unusual shots.

Selection from Julieta Cervantes final photo reel:

Backstage SITI photos:

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