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  • Eleni Kyriacou


I was deeply disappointed to see that UCL had attempted to smear me in the below article. The article had predictably backfired. Every single comment below the article displayed bold support for me and for the freedom of information act. UCL has been quoted by the AJ as saying the following:We know that it is not easy to come forward and we respect and are grateful to those who have done so’. I am yet to feel respect or gratitude from UCL, instead I was gifted the smear attempt below by my former university. The article does not merit a response from me. All I will say is I have never lied and am proud of the integrity I have and can therefore proclaim; which is a position many at UCL will never be able to take; nor have I ever harassed a UCL staff member. I have passionately pursued justice by all means available to me, within civilised boundaries. Again, a position many at UCL will never be able to take, as they routinely crossed people's boundaries. They of course have been the bullies and harassers, not I, nor any other whistleblower who is now coming forward. Sadly, this is not the first time I have encountered a threatening tone from UCL in an attempt to intimidate me and stop me in my tracks.


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