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  • Eleni Kyriacou


Like many experienced, the quarantine was a period of time for probably the most serious ‘spring cleaning’ any of us have ever experienced. I, like many, left no stone unturned in my flat. I went through every cupboard, drawer and box in every room of my house and de-cluttered. It was an incredibly therapeutic experience which I wouldn’t have been able to anticipate had I not done it. I think psychologically I went through a de-cluttering process too where anything in my past that had been left unresolved, resurfaced. I think to some degree we all went through it. The two are connected because by de-cluttering one finds fragments of their past, as if conducting an archaeological excavation into one's life thus far passed, those fragments can trigger something psychologically and lead to 'discoveries'. We need to address those discoveries if we are to move forward with de-cluttered futures. I 'cleaned house' during the quarantine physically and mentally.

So did a client of mine. She emptied her wardrobe like many. She found a 6m silk sari that she had bought from India 20 years ago, and it had been sitting in her cupboard ever since. She asked me to ‘up-cycle’ the sari into a dress. Below are images of the Sari before it was deconstructed, the drawing of my design and then the outcome.

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