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  • Eleni Kyriacou


Patterns of Magnificence: Exhibtion of Old Greek Costume

London, Athens and Cyprus

I have to say ‘Patterns of Magnificence’ was one of the most exciting exhibitions I've seen this year. This was a touring exhibition of old Greek costume, primarily wedding and festive dresses. The exhibition was held in London, Athens (where I caught it!) and is now in Cyprus (so there's still a chance to catch it!). The dresses were absolutely stunning. I enjoyed wondering through incredibly richly designed and crafted pieces showing off everything from embroidery, pleating, fabulous sleeve designs, neck-lines, jewellery and head dresses to name the very least. Looking at old dress is always such a delight for me as I can enjoy the craft of textile, fashion and accessories, as it once was. And you do wonder when you see an exhibition like this, if in many respects, fashion really has gone any further today? Because these dresses simply are as good as fashion gets – by being anything but simple. They are intricate works of art, and do make me question why wedding dresses ever turned white...? These are the sorts of dresses that would make a woman who wears them feel nothing short of a Queen - isn’t it great that fashion can do that?

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