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  • Eleni Kyriacou


In keeping with the rectangular collection concept for 12 Greek Rectangles at AXDW I designed white rectangular make up for the girls - the rectangles crossed both vertically and horizontally across their faces.

I alternated the girls that wore the make vertically and horizontally on stage and where they stepped out in 3 I used a different configuration every time to add a further rhythmic element to the show.

Makeup by Freddy Kalobratsos

Photography by Dimitris Giavasis

For 12 Greek Rectangles at AXDW models were 'wetted' in the look they had just worn stepping off the catwalk before stepping out again 'wetted'.

I have to stay I was very lucky to have these girls. Drenching models in water is not a catwalk norm, yet not only did the girls never once complain - they loved it, and totally got into it.

This was the coolest catwalk concept I have ever been involved in.

Catwalk Model: Maddie Zerbe

Photography by Dimitris Giavasis

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